Genesis DS Exam

Welcome! Please fill out your information, and make sure to click Submit Exam when you finish! The Genesis DS exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. You must get at least 18 questions right in order to qualify for free CEC’s. Shortly after you complete the exam you’ll receive a confirmation email with your score and a certificate you can print out and send to NASM for FREE CEC’s! (NOTE: If you do not receive an email after completing the exam PLEASE check your spam folder.)

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1) The FreeMotion philosophy is one of recreating a three-dimensional world that we live in.
2) Training only with single-plane movements may handicap the body from optimal performance, health and wellness.
3) FreeMotion seeks to strengthen the body from:
4) As technology has developed, it has led to an increase in physical activity for most people.
5) Isolated, traditional training may do the following except:
6) FreeMotion requires no prior experience or minimum strength.
7) Training and programming on Genesis DS was designed to do the following:
8) FreeMotion Fitness actively seeks the truth through scientific research and collaboration with experts in creating new equipment and programming.
9) Genesis DS has the following features:
10) With Genesis DS, both unilateral and bilateral movements can be performed at any station.
11) Simply put, Genesis DS represents which of the following training possibilities:
12) Because we are a society that sits so much, our posterior kinetic chain is generally very strong.
13) The core and trunk and spine all fire to stabilize and navigate through ground based movements.
14) Genesis DS provides the following:
15) Genesis DS incorporates the philosophy that one should bring the outdoors into the inside training environment.
16) Natural, innate movements include which of the following:
17) We are a society that does so much sitting, that we need to strengthen our deep stabilizers and posterior part of the kinetic chain.
18) Genesis DS was created to be cost effective, have a small footprint, and allow for supported or non-supported movements.
19) Most clients will NOT naturally start to explore ROM and path of cable travel, when performing a natural movement like pulling.
20) Genesis DS can be incorporated into a fitness facility in which of the following ways:

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