Incline Trainer Exam

Welcome! Please fill out your information, and make sure to click Submit Exam when you finish! The Incline Trainer exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. You must get at least 18 questions right in order to qualify for free CEC’s. Shortly after you complete the exam you’ll receive a confirmation email with your score and a certificate you can print out and send to NASM for FREE CEC’s! (NOTE: If you do not receive an email after completing the exam PLEASE check your spam folder.)

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1) The FreeMotion Philosophy is to “Train the way you move, in life and sport.”
2) Training only with single-plane movements may handicap the body from optimal performance, health and wellness.
3) Incline Training provides the opportunity to train:
4) FreeMotion believes that one dimensional training does not necessarily transfer into the three dimensional world that we live in.
5) Incline Training provides increases in the following:
6) When doing side to side movements, the % grade should stay at 24% or below, to prevent any shear forces to hips and knees.
7) Decline Training provides the following benefits:
8) FreeMotion Fitness based the Incline Training programs on specific scientific research and collaboration with experts.
9) iFit, powered by Google Maps™ has the following features:
10) Incline Training provides an enhanced environment whereby carbohydrate is the primary fuel source.
11) Simply put, training at higher inclines and slower speeds produces the following training response (as opposed to walking or running on a flat surface):
12) The Incline Trainer provides an opportunity for users to safely train better ground reaction forces, to become more efficient at walking and running.
13) iFit powered by Google Maps™ is NOT unique to FreeMotion equipment.
14) Variations on the Incline Trainer may include the following:
15) The Incline Trainer incorporates the philosophy that one should bring the outdoors into the inside training environment.
16) Incline Training creates the following adaptations:
17) At 24% and only 2 mph, heart rates were found in research to be greater than participants running flat at 6mph.
18) People generally pull themselves through an everyday gate as opposed to pushing the ground behind them.
19) The Incline Trainer can be used just like any indoor treadmill, if desired by members.
20) The Incline Trainer can be incorporated into a fitness facility in which of the following ways:

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