Live Axis

Hi, I'm FreeMotion LiveAxis™

Tim breaks down each feature and component of the FreeMotion LiveAxis™ line. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the product before you use it—and you’ll become familiar with the FreeMotion® philosophy that directed its engineering.

Listen for These Key Features

• FreeMotion Philosophy
• Sliding Pulley Technology
• Progressive Resistance

Where Experts Are Made

Meet the team players that bring you the education, training, sales, and product expertise of FreeMotion. This in-depth training webinar explains the features of Live Axis on a serious level. You’ll feel like an expert when you’re done.

Listen For These Key Features

• Live Sliding Pulley Technology
• Progressive Resistance
• Optimum Muscle Activation
• Swivel Pulleys

Made Just for You—And Your Club

This video was made for your use as a trainer. Just scan the QR code on the downloadable Live Axis® flyer. Now your club or gym members can access quick feature information right from their smartphones.

Listen for These Key Features

• Live Sliding Pulley Technology
• Progressive Resistance
• Quick Feature Explanations

Create Buzz with this LiveAxis™ Flyer

Download this LiveAxis™ flyer for your club or gym. You’ll be able to raise awareness for this exciting product and create a little buzz. Plus, your clients can scan the QR code to access the intro video to our LiveAxis™ line.

Experience Goal-Specific Workouts Created for Members

Help your members reach their goals every day with these personal workout cards. Workouts range from calorie burn to high intensity interval training. Simply print the cards, offer them to your clients, and they follow along step by step.

Instruct Your Clients with Exercise Charts

As a trainer, we know it’s difficult to be there at every moment for your clients. Solution: Hang this exercise chart on your gym wall for instant equipment instruction and tips on how to fully utilize our LIVE AXIS line.

It’s Time to Prove Yourself

Breathe deep, get comfortable, and start the Live Axis® exam. This 20-question test is multiple choice and you must answer at least 18 questions correctly. Once you pass, you instantly qualify for free continuous education credits. Good luck!

Bring a FreeMotion Master Coach to Your Club

Are you ready to raise the instruction level at your club? It’s time to consider bringing a FreeMotion Master Coach to your gym. We’ll work with your full staff of trainers and infuse your club with new workouts and cutting-edge materials. Your instructors will have all the materials they need to run eight-week classes incorporating the FreeMotion equipment in your gym. Email Natalie Vetica at to schedule a training.

• 1- to 2-Day Master Coach On-Site Training
• Learn to Utilize Your FreeMotion Products
• Receive 8-Week Workout Cards
• Gain the 60-Page FreeMotion Education Manual

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