Live Axis Exam

Welcome! Please fill out your information, and make sure to click Submit Exam when you finish! The LiveAxis RapidFit exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. You must get at least 18 questions right in order to qualify for free CEC’s. Shortly after you complete the exam you’ll receive a confirmation email with your score and a certificate you can print out and send to NASM for FREE CEC’s! (NOTE: If you do not receive an email after completing the exam PLEASE check your spam folder.)

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1) FreeMotion philosophy is one of recreating a three-dimensional world that we live in.
2) Live Axis is the first line of equipment to include a sliding pulley.
3) As you move on Live Axis, the sliding pulley moves along with exercise movement.
4) Live Axis provides the following, with the exception of:
5) Live Axis allows for both unilateral and bilateral movements.
6) Which areas may be challenged and strengthened with Live Axis training:
7) Those who have experienced Live Axis give testimony that it is intuitive and easy to use, allowing for user defined movement.
8) Live Axis has the following features:
9) Live Axis allows you to train with progressive resistance, to produce optimum muscle activation through entire range of movement.
10) Simply put, Live Axis brings the following features together in one line of equipment:
11) If you stand in one place on Live Axis and create movement from the sliding pulley, the pulley moves with you. Because of this movement arm (distance between the applied force and fulcrum), Live Axis allows for greater muscle contraction throughout the full range of movement.
12) The progressive resistance and load to the body when using Live Axis, can be changed in three ways:
13) Initial EMG testing suggests that training with Live Axis does NOT produce more muscle activity, compared to fixed isolated training.
14) Live Axis incorporates the philosophy that we should train the way we move in life and sport.
15) Live Axis creates a training environment with the following:
16) With Live Axis the strength curve stays more consistent, which translates to improvement in other areas of training and conditioning.
17) For those with an understanding of bio-mechanics and movement, they might describe the experience of moving on Live Axis as movement without a “dead spot” in the range of motion.
18) On Live Axis, a user can adjust themselves and the sliding pulley will follow.
19) Live Axis will benefit facilities in the following ways:
20) With the progressive resistance of Live Axis, it provides for greater muscle recruitment strengthen the entire kinetic chain.

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