Rapid Fit Exam

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1) The FreeMotion Philosophy is to “Train the way you move, in life and sport.”
2) One of the goals of RapidFit is to create an opportunity for multiple clients to train at the same time, which can provide additional revenue opportunities for a personal trainer and the facility.
3) Incline Training provides the opportunity to train:
4) FreeMotion believes that one dimensional training does not necessarily transfer into the three dimensional world that we live in.
5) Research showed that at 2mph and 21% on an Incline Treadmill, there is potential to burn 3x the fat calories as running flat at 6mph.
6) Rapid Fit incorporates the following modalities into a training session:
7) Rapid Fit was born from third party research and specific scientific findings, which established guidelines for the greatest results in the shortest amount of time, while being safe, sustainable and effective for a wide range of fitness abilities.
8) Vibration training is incorporated in the following ways in a RapidFit program:
9) Incline Training provides an enhanced environment whereby carbohydrate is the primary fuel source.
10) Simply put, training at higher inclines and slower speeds produces the following training response (as opposed to walking or running on a flat surface).
11) When on the Dual Cable (in RapidFit), the client will perform large and dynamic, multi-joint movements, relative to their fitness level.
12) Basically, Vibration can be used to “stretch, strengthen and recover.”
13) FreeMotion provides the following tools for the Rapid Fit program:
14) Running on a flat surface may involve as little as 8% glute activation, while walking at 2mph at 21% may elicit as much as 85% glute activation.
15) Which areas may be increased with the dynamic and functional movements of RapidFit:
16) At 24% and only 2 mph, heart rates were found in research to be greater than participants running flat at 6mph.
17) In RapidFit and on the Dual Cable, rotation is avoided.
18) At 21% on an Incline Treadmill, at 2mph, there is potential to burn as much as 3x the fat calories as running flat at 6mph.
19) Vibration training will help in stimulating the nervous system, which will in turn create more muscle activation.
20) RapidFit can be incorporated into a fitness facility in which of the following ways:

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