Rip:60 Exam

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1) FreeMotion philosophy, and training on Rip60 specifically, is one of recreating a three-dimensional world that we live in.
2) Rip 60 provides an option for facilities to make a very economical investment in equipment that provides potential for both training versatility, a small footprint in the facility, and a large return on investment.
3) FreeMotion, with Rip60, seeks to strengthen the body from:
4) Training only with single-plane movements and/or in one dimension may handicap the body from optimal performance, health and wellness.
5) The programming of Rip60 meets the client right where their skill and ability are at.
6) How does Rip60 create a “functional training environment”?
7) In almost movement on the Rip60 straps you are in a plank like position, which integrates the entire kinetic chain.
8) Rip60 has the following features, which differentiate it from other suspension straps:
9) Rip60 users tend to naturally and intuitively change the location of their feet, to modify their workload and movement patterns.
10) Simply put, Rip60 represents which of the following training possibilities:
11) The goal with movements on the Rip60, is to create slack in straps while moving and to avoid keeping tension on the straps.
12) Rip60 provides an environment where one can train the way they move, in life and sport.
13) By sliding the handle of the Rip60 foot carriage out of the way, it creates more variety in hand grip and foot positions.
14) The core, trunk and spine all fire to stabilize and navigate through movements on Rip60.
15) Rip60 creates a training environment with the following:
16) Neutral wrists are not important for performing Rip60 movements.
17) In a traditional weight setting, a client would typically have to stop and adjust weights to accommodate for fatigue and in order to continue. This is not the case with Rip60.
18) A Rip60 user can finish an exercise when experiencing fatigue, by simply shifting their body position, relative to the anchor.
19) Rip 60 allows for increased coaching opportunities as a client demonstrates strength in movement as well as faulty or compensatory movement patterns.
20) With FreeMotion education and programming, it is recommended that a fitness facility incorporates Rip60 in which of the following ways:

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