TDF Exam

Welcome! Please fill out your information, and make sure to click Submit Exam when you finish! The TDF Bike exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. You must get at least 23 questions right in order to qualify for free CEC’s. Shortly after you complete the exam you’ll receive a confirmation email with your score and a certificate you can print out and send to NASM for FREE CEC’s! (NOTE: If you do not receive an email after completing the exam PLEASE check your spam folder.)

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1) The FreeMotion philosophy is one of recreating a three-dimensional world that we live in.
2) Training only with single-plane movements may handicap the body from optimal performance, health and wellness.
3) FreeMotion seeks to strengthen the body from:
4) As technology has developed, it has led to an increase in physical activity for most people.
5) Isolated, traditional training may do the following except:
6) FreeMotion requires no prior experience or minimum strength.
7) Which areas may be challenged and strengthened with FreeMotion training:
8) FreeMotion Fitness actively seeks the truth through scientific research and collaboration with experts in creating new equipment and programming.
9) The Tour de France bike has the following feature:
10) The Tour de France bike allows you to train with power (watts) as a direct measurement.
11) Simply put, watts represents which of the following:
12) The Gates Carbon Drive ™ system delivers a smooth ride (like a belt system), with the strength and efficiency of a chain drive (like an outdoor bike).
13) iFit powered by Google Maps™ provide the rider with an endless supply of real time, interactive rides anywhere in the world.
14) The incline and decline on the TDF bike can be changed in three ways:
15) The TDF incorporates the philosophy that one should bring the outdoors into the inside training environment.
16) The TDF allows a rider to know what intensity they are training, at any given time, with the following:
17) Handlebar height should be set at a comfortable height for the rider.
18) Pedals do not allow for SPD clips, like on an outdoor bike.
19) The TDF bike can be used just like any indoor cycle.
20) The TDF bike can be incorporated into a fitness facility in which of the following ways:
21) The beginning saddle height should be adjusted to the top of the iliac crest (bony landmark).
22) The TDF does NOT come with the actual stages of the Tour De France.
23) The TDF bike resistance changes with eddy current magnets, which means that nothing touches the flywheel to cause inefficiency in braking or pedaling.
24) The TDF bike was ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency, which will accommodate a wide range of users.
25) iFit technology is very unique to FreeMotion equipment.

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